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About Me

My main DJ goal is to make YOU LOOK REALLY GOOD!


 I love building & making great events for you!

I've always wanted to be a DJ, spinning records, mixing music, and entertaining my audience with my own style brand of patter. As a mobile disc jockey, I roll to party locations, set-up my DJ equipment on-site and fill the night or day with music. I provide entertainment at all sorts of events, from festivals to school dances to corporate events and birthdays and more.

I also make sure guests are having fun, encouraging people of all ages to get out there and boogie down, playing line dancing or the conga lines. The advantages to hiring me are that, first and foremost, i'm dependable and always on-time.

I am a extrovert with an ear for great music, creative, people kind of person who can not only entertain a crowd but draw others out and help them have fun, too. I have an appreciation for lots of kinds of music, and plus up to date music industry knowledge of what's new and hot. You need a DJ with the skills and experience to rock your special event or party.      

"I truly believe that when you throw a party, deep down inside you want all your guests to feel included and to leave with a memory of fun and excitement. Next Level Chicago DJ is an Interactive DJ service that enjoys helping clients."    

DJ David Ortiz

Event Consultant | Mobile DJ, Entertainer

"I'm a music lover man"... a husband, father, son, friend, writer, salesman, social media guru, artist, handyman, music event consultant, and I've often been told, an all-around nice and friendly guy. 

I'm passionate about many things not only DJ'ing, my family, my work, making new friends, meeting new exciting and interesting people like myself. Like many of you, I love being creative and working with my hands, as well as my mind (that's what the name NEXT LEVEL stands for). 

Your success leads to more success for me. I always live for today, while planning for tomorrow. Always be ready for anything, because anything is possible in life. 

Find out how I can help you have that great event you deserve. Please check out my other website pages. Then call, email me, or use the short form on this page, today.



Just a few of my DJ Skills

A concise list of just some of the most valuable professional music entertainment skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to your Next Level event. 

A special Skill to make people dance, all ages. If your guests can walk then I can make them dance! 

Club style mixing Skill, blending two songs together is fun and easy 

for me. Custom mixing for every event. I never mix the same songs over and over. I like to keep my events fresh.         

My ability to pick great event music Skill. Every client event is special and custom. And I give special attention to every event I DJ for.   

My other Skill is working with you! The customer. I will listen and work with you to make your event the best event because you deserve no less. 

My final Skill is having experience working with many types of clients and special events. Out-door, In-door events. Big events to smaller events. And I also work with all kinds of budgets.

Making great events one event at a time!

 NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ is all about great music -  along with a vast music library of great event entertainment. 

The place for timeless music, hot dance music, new songs, great DJ with mixing skills, and music from emerging artist you'll love. All here at NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ.


NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ has some of the biggest artists music and hot DJ music from around the world. All for you and your NEXT event. You can choose from a wide range of music for your party or event. 

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