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* What types of events are your specialty? 

Pool Parties, School dances, Bars & Clubs, Private Events, Corporate Events and Festivals, and similar events.

* Can I just opt for an iPod, iPhone playlist instead of a DJ?

Great question, For the record ( no pun intended). A professional DJ does so much more than just play music. A major attribute of a DJ's job is to organize the order of events and facilitate the general flow of the evening. Consult with the client about music selection, style, tone, mood, and event lighting needs. Meet with the client if needed before the event date, where we spend some time finalizing the details of the event. Create a music timeline, playlist, for the event, and so much more.

* Is DJing a Real job?

Yes it is. But not a regular job, you have to be prepared to commit, you do not punch a time card and don't think about calling in sick, must travel long distances from home, must be able to work on holidays, working on weekends, must have great customer service skills, long late nights, practice skills, finding new music, must be able to lift 50 lbs or more per event and so on.   

* How much do you charge? 

My rate ranges from $150- $250 per hour depending on the type of event, with a 3 hour minimum per event. I base my pricing on an rental fee structure, you are renting Me, my DJ skills, prep time for event, basic party lighting and sound, my mics, gear cables, Pro DJ controller, travel time to your event, and my great event music.

* Do you offer flexible packages, service discounts or promotions for first-time client?

I personally don't offer different packages any longer, and no off season rates. I now only do flat rates with absolutely no hidden fees. I do lower my rates for first-time clients and now offer my new PARTY POINTS program, event credit discounts for your next event with me.     

* When do you arrive to set-up for an event?

I always arrive on-site at least an least an one hour to a one hour and a half prior to the contracted start time, and earlier as needed by the scale of the event setup requirement.


* Where did you get the name "NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ" ?

Because I was born and raised in Chicago.

* What is included in the cost of my event?

One friendly DJ, Setup time, travel time, breakdown time, off-site time putting music together for your event, event equipment, including basic sound for up to 500+ plus guests ( a custom quote may be necessary for guests over 2000+), wireless and wired mics. There are no hidden charges, all my charges are upfront, and are clearly stated in your contract. 


* Why should I choose NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ for my event?  

I believe I offer a service that is unique to the community, I provide great exceptional client services, dependable on-time service, great music event entertainment, and unique DJ skills like no one else can, and I will make You look good!


* Do you offer additional services, singers, clowns, video services, such as photo-booth's?

No to all above. NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ is centered on great DJ event music entertainment. I do offer basic lighting if needed, for an extra upgrade fee.


* What are your terms of payment?

Their is a non-refundable retainer is due with a signed contract agreement. Your non-refundable retainer is needed to reserve and guarantee the services for your special event date. The balance is to be collected on the day and prior to the start time of the music for your event. Payment options include: cash, business check, personal checks, Note: all payment types are subject to change at anytime.


* Do you offer club mixing or just playlist at my event?

Both yes, Not all types of music can be mixed together due to tempo and BPM speeds, but if you are looking for a club style dance music then yes I will do a live dance mix for you, I can create a seamless transition between songs, maintain and build the energy on the dance floor. Mixing dance music is pretty easy for me, a basic skill for any professional DJ. I will also always use the original and most popular radio edit version of each song unless there is a request by you to play a different version. I don't ever use any prerecord "DJ mixes by other DJ's" for the record! No pun intended.       


* Who will DJ my event? Anyone other than DJ David? How do I book DJ David?

Other DJ companies match DJ's to your terms of music, your personality and other preferences you may have. I don't believe in that system, I believe that a really great DJ should be well rounded in all types of music genre's and have a fun personality,and enjoy all kinds music for all kinds of people with different personalities. A DJ who can do all this is truly a great Pro DJ you want at your event. When you book with NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ, friendly DJ David will be the one DJ'ing your special event, and no one else, if not he will tell you in advance.


* Can I meet up with DJ David before my event?

Yes, you can. I would love to meet new clients and customers for Free, no cost to you. After you fill out my easy online client event form you can connect with DJ David. I will be more than happy to schedule an free an easy, convenient meeting by phone or meet you in person if you prefer to discuss your party plans, pay your nonrefundable retainer if you are ready, review a sample contract and answer your questions you may have about your event.


* What areas do you serve?

I cover most of the greater Chicago area, most parts of Chicago, all areas of the west suburbs. 


* What do you require from my event?

A adequate power source is a must because of my high powered gear (120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet, within 25 feet of the DJ table ) and not a requirement but a plus for a DJ table.


* What kind of equipment do you use?

Only professional grade DJ gear. Pioneer, Peavey, Sony, Shure, wireless mics, and other great pro grade equipment.


* Can I visit you at a event?

Yes to Public events, bars, nightclubs, and festivals only. Almost all of my events are private. I don't and my clients do not permit prospective clients to DROP IN on their event, sorry this is their special event day and I respect my clients wishes.


* Do you have a tipping policy?

Yes I do. I accept tips from the clients and guests. If you are tipping me only because you want me to play a specific song, save your money. Because I only accept tips for great music service only.


* Do you allow any music requests?

Yes. Of course. If clean.


* Do you offer party lighting services for my event?

Yes, I now offer lighting as a special upgrade option. Call for more details.

* Do you Dress up if needed?

Yes, of course whatever you prefer.


* Do you play whatever I like? What kinds of music do you have in your collection?

I sure do. I like many different types of music genre's, rock, Jazz, pop, House, EDM, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, disco, hip-hop, R & B, Latin, country, alternative and many others. I also have a large collection of classical music and jazz for dinner or cocktail hours. I also update my collection constantly, and will gladly acquire any commercially available song that I don't already own, at no additional cost to you.


* Do you need I break during the event?

No, I play non-stop, unless you have a special presentations or guest speaker, singer, etc.     

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying 

I let my customers do the talking!

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What is your overall feeling about NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ event music service?

Was very energetic

Please describe in detail what part of your event experience made you the happiest:

The smile on all the patrons faces.

Please describe the one or two most important benefits you've gotten the most from doing business with NEXT LEVEL CHICAGO DJ:

professional took care of every detail. Arrived early to set up! Was just perfect for our event!

Please explain specifically what you've gained from the event experience:

 He added a missing element to our event. Made it a perfect festival!

Carrie Navins

Past client | Burr Ridge Park Dist.

Ginger Spice reviewed Next Level Chicago DJ — 5 star

September 4 ·

So very fortunate to have had DJ David featured at a few events. A winning combination assuring to any host - communicative and professional on the business side, yet great at engaging and energizing a crowd. Very happy with the positive guest feedback from our experiences, highly recommend.

Ginger Spice

Past Client | Joe's Saloon

I would highly recommend DJ David to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to use him again!

Debbie Blanco

Past Client | Private event

Amelia Orozco is with David Ortiz and 4 others at Pilsen La Fiesta Del Sol Festival.

July 31, 2016 at 5:48pm · Chicago.

"Thank you David Ortiz for mixing the beats at #FiestaDelSol with #RecordUSADeportes"

Amelia Orozco

Past event | Pilsen La Fiesta Del Sol, festival 

La Grange Patch

September 23, 2015 ·

DJ David Ortiz will have zoogoers dancing on the north plaza and traditional costumed dancers known as “Los Chinelos” will add to the festivities.

"David, Thank you for making our Hispanic Heritage Celebration a great success! Happy Holidays" 

Amelia Orozco

Past client | Brookfield Zoo

More coming soon!

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying.

I let my customers do the talking!


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Questions to Ask Before Booking Your DJ.

Do you take any breaks?

Note: One of the major advantages to using a DJ instead of a band is that a DJ does not need to take breaks, outside of using the restroom. In any case, the DJ should assure you that there will be no break in the music at any point during the event.


Questions to Ask Before Booking Your DJ.

What is your policy on alcohol or smoking during my event?

Note: A professional DJ should never consume alcohol or take cigarette breaks during your event. If you interview a DJ and he tells you he needs a few drinks to “loosen up” while working, you should probably look for a different DJ service.


Questions to Ask Before Booking Your DJ.

Questions to Ask Before Booking Your DJ.

Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?

Note: If a DJ is serious about his craft and interested in becoming a better performer, they will often join a local DJ association or trade group. While membership in one of these organizations is not a guarantee of that DJ’s talent level, it does at least show a willingness to grow and improve and become a better DJ.


Questions to Ask Before Booking Your DJ.

How long will you hold our date for us?

Note: When you contact a professional disc jockey, they should be willing to hold your date for you for a reasonable amount of time in order to give you a chance to meet with them. They should also give you ample time after your meeting to make a decision and give you time to interview other DJ's. One week is a reasonable amount of time to expect your date to be held for you following an initial meeting.


Questions to Ask Before Booking Your DJ.

When will you arrive to set up? One hour or more?

Note: This needs a bit more thought than you might realize. Some DJ's may have a lot of gear and it may be better for them to set up before you arrive than dragging gear through a room of people who are eating. You might like to have the DJ play background music during a meal. A good DJ will anticipate that there may be some unforeseen events such as traffic delays and plan to arrive early.

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