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NEXT LEVEL: Preparing for Event

DJ David

Preparing for events

I always arrive at any occasion with ample time to set-up and test my equipment. and I will not consume alcohol before or during your event! 

Just a sample of some great past clients below.

Sway Dance Chicago

w/ The Justin Trio

Brookfield Chamber of Commerce

w/ The Justin Trio

Brookfield Zoo

w/ The Justin Trio

Numerous Grade School and Middle Schools

w/ The Justin Trio

Brookfield Farmers Market

w/ The Justin Trio

Joe's Saloon in Brookfield

w/ The Justin Trio

Numerous Country Clubs

w/ The Justin Trio

La Cabanita in Burr Ridge

w/ The Justin Trio

Fuego in Bro​okfield

w/ The Justin Trio

More great clients coming soon!

w/ The Justin Trio

NEXT LEVEL: Professional Attire

DJ D​avid

Professional Attire

As a professional mobile DJ I am always aware of how I appear to you and your guests. So tell me what attire is expected by you for your event.  

NEXT LEVEL: Energy Level

DJ David

I NEVER, EVER SIT when DJ'ing at events, I play requests within a reasonable time-frame. Do you want or need a high-energy or low energy DJ? Do you want high participation from your DJ? You tell me what you expect or want from me. It's your event!    

w/ The Justin Trio

NEXT LEVEL: Getting the Crowd going

DJ David

Do you want an DJ with the ability to 'break the ice' with a group of total strangers? Some people need time before they get up and start dancing. Some folks are shy about being the first on the dance floor. I have custom and creative ways to get people to party and dance!  Don't ask me how, because it is my trade secret and I don't want my competition to know and I don't posts event videos of my secrets.  

Like what I always say, 'IF YOUR GUESTS CAN WALK, I CAN MAKE THEM DANCE.' maybe I should trademark this? 

w/ The Justin Trio

NEXT LEVEL: Music Library PART 1

DJ David

My music collection: PART 1

Now let's talk about what is really important to me and you! Great Music Library essentials.

Nice venue room, great sound system, and coolest party lighting. None of this really matters unless you also have a great quality of up-to-date music collection that contains multiple genres from the 1940s to the present. 

w/ The Justin Trio

NEXT LEVEL: Music Library PART 2

DJ David

My music collection: PART 2

Why hire DJ David? One reason is flexibility. DJ David provides all types of music. This includes big band, swing, country, rock, oldies, hip-hop, disco, 80's, 90's music, club dance music, alternative, and everything in between.

w/ The Justin Trio

Next Level Chicago DJ

Do you like to dance?  

Making great events one event at a time!

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