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You need to hire a Band or DJ

The Pros and Cons!

DJ's Pros and Cons

A DJ is a really smart buy - affordable, simple, and straight forward. And unlike a band, a DJ can play any song you can dream of as long as they sell it on iTunes.

A good, experienced DJ will be able to take requests from the crowd, observe guests' moods and reactions to certain types of songs, and make choices accordingly.

The main downfall of a DJ is that some people think they're cheesy. Many aren't even music experts but love to talk. If this is a concern, let them know in advance what you expect. Tell the DJ you prefer less talking and more music and be specific about the music  you want. Also most DJ's will totally respect any "DO NOT PLAY LIST" or "MUST PLAY" list you provide, so feel free to do so.

Band's Pros and Cons

In the world of realistic budgets, bands really do play second fiddle to DJ's. In fact, in the past years, I've only attended one event that used a band, but it kicked butt. Bands might have their drawbacks, but there's nothing better than the personal, interactive quality they provide. They feed off the energy of the crowd and guests feed off of them in return.

But with every high note comes a low one, such as the super hefty prices bands tend to charge. They also have limited playlist. A band has more members, meaning more people to pay and feed. They also have more equipment, so you'll need plenty of space in your party room for the band.

You also need to find a way to fill in the time while the band takes breaks.

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